Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quiz at :)

salam,nighty nite readers.bajet ade readers jek.haha.first time aku buat kuiz nie,so this is the results. :D

Which Love Quotes Fits You?


Your Result

Love is just sweet in your eyes. It is something that always tastes good to you and has kept you not only alive but you've been feeling fine for a mass portion of your life. Your experience has never let you down, and it has always saved you from harm. This is very fortunate for you. You must be the luckiest person alive. Just be sure that when something bad does happen, never give up on love. Pretty please rate, okay? Thanks so much for taking the quiz! ^_^

my reaction :
aku jatuh tangga chenta?ye..memang.hihi.dengan siapa?jeng jeng jeng...aku bertuah ke kalau jatuh cinta dengan mr.KA?my answer is completely YES ^_^.
berilah aku peluang untuk berjaya,
didunia dan diakhirat.
bersama sama orang yang aku sayang,

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